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In this challenging realm of e-commerce, Amazon has shaped the perceptions online retail world, on how to sell and buy. Founded by Jeff Bezos, Amazon is no longer a small online bookshop but is the dream ladder for businesses all across the world. With a whopping 300 million plus sellers and customers, it has been able to attract the attention of every nook and corner of the world. If you are passionate about selling on Amazon, it’s crucial to partner with agencies who know every nuisance of the virtual shopping spree. Based on customer-centric philosophy, remember you can be only successful when you strategize on the terms of the consumers. The digital realm has been constantly shifting it is crucial to keep up with this online game. Turn to eStore Factory, one of the world’s leading third-party service providers, to refine the business since 2013. To start the journey, product listing and storefront creation are the cornerstones to unending success.

Amazon product listing optimization – The listings in simple terms are the introduction to your products, including every relevant information that describes it. Let us show you the intricacies of the listing optimization –

  • Keyword integration – Our experts don’t just infuse keyboards, they add relevant ones which harness the power to boost visibility, and drive traffic. The higher the volume and the more competitive it is the higher the product discoverability.
  • Title made right – It is the first component that should be optimised to the maximum. Incorporating the product details, like size, quantity and features is pushed first by the search engine.
  • Description and bullet points that align with your values – Whether it be an extended description or bullet sections, highlighting your product’s key features and emphasising its capabilities, you attract customers toward your brand.
  • Visually tactile and human-friendly designs – Curating high-resolution product lifestyle images and videos is one way to create an image allure haven of fun frolic for your customers.

Storefronts Amazon – The online shop is the definition of your brand and the products you wish to sell. No wonder it has been rightly named as the storefront. It is a dedicated space to customise your customer’s experience, allowing them to buy from a range of products their favourite options. It is not just a collection of your product information, but a narrative waiting to be revealed to the world. Within virtual shelves, your products are most amazing.

  • A customised online product – Going beyond the rudimentary collection of catalogues, it is a presentation of what you wish to sell the narrative that matches goals – Let your brand story out to the globe and match with the values of customers.
  • Easy-to-scroll user interface – Customers make it super easy to find products and don’t make them wait to hit the buy now button.

“The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary.” – Sam Walton.

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